When a student is assigned a submission to give feedback to, it is sometimes the case that there is some kind of problem with the submission. This can include for example:

  • The document uploaded is blank
  • The document uploaded can't be opened
  • The student uploaded the wrong assignment
  • The document uploaded was in a language that the evaluator can't understand

In this case, the student who is supposed to give the feedback can mark the submission as problematic. This is done by clicking the 'warning' icon next to the "download" button. The student will be asked to give a short explanation of what is the problem.

When a student marks a submission as problematic they are assigned a new submission to give feedback to instead of the original one. 

If 3 students individually mark the same submission as problematic, then that submission will be taken out of circulation for the rest of the peer grading process and the teacher will be notified.

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