Moodle LTI integration

A guide for lecturers, teachers and educators on how to use the Peergrade LTI integration with Moodle

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Go to the course overview of the course you want to add a Peergrade assignment to. Turn editing on by using the cogwheel in the upper right corner. Then click Add an activity or resource at the place you want to add the Peergrade assignment:

You should get a pop up Add an activity or resource, where you should be able to choose Peergrade as one of the options. Select Peergrade and click the Add-button:

On the next page you should choose a name for the activity. The activity will become an assignment on Peergrade. You can ignore the rest of the sections (Privacy, Grade, Common module settings, Restrict access, Tags, Competencies) if you are not familiar with them:

The first time you create Peergrade assignment in a Moodle course you will be asked to create a course. This course a Peergrade course corresponding to your Moodle course, and we suggest that you use the same title:

You will then be asked to name the Peergrade assignment. We recommend using the same name for Peergrade assignment as you used for your Moodle activity.
In the screenshot below our recommend name would be The accounting equation

After this you will be taken in to the normal Peergrade assignment creation flow. Here you can set the various options for the assignment like allow hand-in types (upload, link, Google Docs etc.) – you can read more about that in our guide here. Later on you'll be asked to create the rubric and set deadlines, we have more the info on that in our guide over here.

Once you've set up your assignment, you should be good to go 👍

Your students will see the Peergrade assignment as a normal Moodle activity in their course overview but with the Peergrade icon. When they click the activity they will be brought in to the student interface of Peergrade, and be able to hand in, give feedback, or read their feedback depending on where in the process they are at the current time.

Importing groups and groupings from Moodle

When you create an assignment you can choose to import a grouping from Moodle.

This is currently only available when accessing Peergrade through LTI – it is not available when you access Peergrade directly via

The section allowing you to import groupings from Moodle looks like this:

To see the groupings available in your Moodle course click Import groupings-button. After a short while, a dropdown with the available groupings should appear:

When you open up the dropdown, you should see the groupings from your Moodle course:

When you've selected a grouping from the dropdown, the groups from that grouping will appear:

Now, you can set up the rest of the assignment or simply save the assignment right away if you've already set it up.
When your students hand in they will be assigned to the groups listed here. The group that they're in, will be shown to them on the hand-in page, both before and after they hand in.

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