How to submit as a group

How students can submit and edit their group submission

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When submitting as a group only 1 student needs to submit for the group.

  1. Go to the assignment and click on Submit. 

  2. When you click the input field in the Group Members a dropdown will show with students in the class that have not yet submitted. If the you have previously worked together in a group the group members will appear at the top of the list.

  3. Select the members of your group from the list. They will appear in the Added Group Members box below.

  4. Upload or enter your assignment.

4. Click Submit

5. A preview will show of the uploaded assignment and will also show group members.

Missing group members

If group members are missing in the list make sure all students in your group have access to the class. If you are using a learning management system like Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard it is important that all students in the group have accessed Peergrade at least once through the learning management system. If a group member is missing from the list simply ask them to visit the class in Peergrade and they will be available in the list.

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