To get a summary of an individual student, go to the summary page then click on the students name in the student sidebar. The student summary interface is set up so that all students are listed in the sidebar. You can search for a student using the search bar or sort the students with the drop down menu. There are two tabs to on the page to switch between hand-ins and feedback results. Within these tabs you are able to choose which assignment you would like to see the results for. 

After selecting a student, a new page will open with the students individual performance. At the top there is a quick overview of how the student has performed for the entire class.

The Submission Tab

The hand-in tab displays the students score across all assignments, as well as breaking down each assignment. 

The bar graph shows the range of scores (shaded color), while the dark solid line is the mean (average) score that the student has received.

Green means there was high agreement amongst peers.

Yellow means there was medium agreement amongst peers.

Red means there was low agreement amongst peers.

The Feedback tab.

The top of the page gives an overview on the student’s feedback performance, meaning the accuracy and quality of the feedback they gave.

Then you will see a breakdown of the quality of their feedback including their time spent, words written and likes received.

On top is the students total feedback score for the assignment and it is further broken down into;

Completeness: This is based on 2 things. Did the student give feedback to all the submissions they were assigned (75% of the score) and did they give reactions to all the feedback they have received (25% of the score). 

Accuracy: A measure of how much the student generally disagrees with the other evaluators. An accuracy of 100% means that the student is completely agreeing with other evaluators and a low accuracy means that there is a high disagreement.

Constructiveness: A score indicating how constructive the feedback provided by the student is. A high score means that the student provided very constructive feedback. This is measured by the people who received feedback from the student, these studentss get to evaluate the constructiveness of their feedback (with some additional measures to avoid people rating feedback as unconstructive out of revenge). 

Read more about feedback score here

You can also see who found the student's feedback helpful (thumbs up icon) and who requested moderation for the student's feedback (flag icon).

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