Inviting students to a class

How to add and edit students in your class

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From the participants page, you can add, remove and edit the students and teachers in the class.

To access the participants page: From the overview page click on your class and then click on Participants tab on the top menu.

There a few options for adding participants:

  • Share the class code at the top of the page. Students join by entering the code at Students can use an existing account or signup after entering the code. Learn more here.

  • Add students and teachers one by one, by clicking on Invite participants.

  • Bulk import students using a .csv file by clicking on Invite participants then selecting the File import tab. The .csv file must be formatted correctly: Firstname Lastname, [email protected]. Learn more here.

  • Copy & Paste a list by clicking on Invite participants and then click on Copy & Paste. Copy and paste a list of students using the correct format into the box. Each line should read Firstname Lastname, [email protected]

Sending Invites:

When inviting students you can choose to send email invitations now or later. To send email invitations later - click on the 3 dots next a students name and click send invite.

Students must receive an email to access the course. 

Class Code

The class code is displayed at the top of the page that you can share with students. Students can join with an existing account or set up a new account after entering their code on

Use the arrow next to the code to view class code options.

Editing the Participants List

To edit participant details, locate the participant on the list and click the 3 dots to the right of the students status. Options will open to edit participant (name, email or username), Login as, deactivate or remove user.

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