Creating a Peergrade account

How do I create an account on Peergrade?

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To create an account with Peergrade click on Get started on the landing page.

As a teacher, you have 2 options for creating an account, either by entering your information and institution manually or with Google Sign in. 

Choose the option that is appropriate for you: 

1. Manual Sign up

Enter your name, email and institution then click Sign up. You'll be asked to create a password and then asked for a few details. To finish the signup you will be asked to create either a Live Session or Class. 

2. Google Sign in 

Click Google Sign in and choose the Google Account you want to connect to Peergrade. You will need to give permission for Peergrade to access information from your Google Classroom, click allow and your account will be set up! 

Next, learn how to create your first class! 

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