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How to let students submit from Google Drive
How to let students submit from Google Drive

A guide to handing in Google Drive files (Docs, Slides, Sheets etc.)

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File types for submission can be selected by going to the Assignment and select Settings and then Submissions.

To allow students to hand in Google Drive files, select 'Google Doc' when specifying the allowed submission type.

Students are then allowed to upload their hand-in through their Google Drive through the Google file selector.

Important note: When students hand in a file from their Google Drive it will be converted to a PDF document. This is necessary to ensure that students are not editing their hand-ins after the deadline. If for some reason they have to hand in the direct link to their hand-in, the section below describes how to enable the correct settings for sharing with other students.

Handing in a Google Doc link (not recommended)

It is possible to allow Google Doc links to be handed in, however we do not recommend using this method as it allows students to edit their submission after the deadline. We recommend using the method described above. However if there for some reason is a case where students need to hand in a link, here's a guide explaining how to do it:

A document in Google Docs is normally only accessible to you. In order for it to be accessible to other people – for example when they have to give feedback to it in Peergrade – you have to share it.

While in your Google doc press the pressing the blue "Share" button in the top right corner, when you are viewing your document in Google Docs.

After clicking the "Share"-button, a window pops up. Inside that window, you then need to click "Get shareable link".

If the grey box says "Anyone with the link can view", you're good to go and can copy the link just below it.

If the grey box says something different than "Anyone with the link can view", you will want to click the drop down inside the grey box and click "More..."
After clicking "More..." the screen shown below should appear, and you can then choose "On - Anyone with the link"

Now you can copy the link below the grey box, or you can copy the address bar of the browser window and use that as your link in your Peergrade hand-in.

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