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How to create and edit a feedback rubric
How to create and edit a feedback rubric

Learn how to create a Feedback Rubric

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Students use the rubric to give feedback to one another. The questions you create in your feedback rubric are the questions students will be answering when reviewing each other.

You can also watch a video tutorial here.

Adding sections

To edit your rubric go to the assignment and select the Rubric tab. Here you will find the Rubric Editor. A rubric must consist of at least one section containing one question. To add a section scroll to the bottom of the Rubric tab and click the Create new section button. Once you have a section you will be able to add questions to it.

Adding questions

To add a question to your section, click the blue Add feedback question button. A modal will appear with a text area where you can type in your feedback question. Below the text area you can specify the answer type for the question by selecting Text, Scale or Yes / No. The answer type defines how students are able to respond the question when they are reviewing each other. There are additional settings for each answer type. Once you've completed the question you click the blue Save button and the question will now appear inside a section.

Adding an explanation

If you wish to add longer pieces of information that does not relate directly to your questions you can add an explanation by clicking the outlined Add explanation button. The explanation will become available to students just like questions, however they will not be able to respond to it.

Rubric locked 🔒

When students have started to give feedback to each other the rubric will be locked for editing.

Print or Export Rubric

If you'd like to print the rubric, click the small printer icon at the top of the rubric. You can change the printer location to PDF to save the rubric as a PDF.

If you wish to learn more about the pedagogy of Feedback Rubrics click here.

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