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Setting up an Intellum Exceed integration
Setting up an Intellum Exceed integration

This article helps IT personnel set up the integration between Peergrade and Intellum Exceed

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Step 1: Obtain LTI credentials from your Peergrade institution

First you need to get the LTI credentials from Peergrade:

  • Inside Peergrade, go to your Institution dashboard accessible from the context menu appearing when you hover your name in the top right corner.

  • Go to Settings > LMS integration and select Sakai and click Save

Step 2: Plug in LTI credentials from Peergrade into Intellum Exceed

  • In Exceed, make sure you're in the admin view. Go to Settings in the left-hand sidebar, and make sure you're on the "Account Settings"-tab. Scroll all the way to button to find the "Manage LTI integrations"-button and click it.

  • On the LTI integrations page click the New LTI integration. For Configuration name choose "Peergrade". In the OAuth key copy in the Consumer key from Peergrade and in the OAuth secret copy in the Shared secret from Peergrade. In the Launch URL put in In Instructor link text put in ":manage_on_peergrade_io" and in Student link text put in ":launch_on_peergrade_io". You do not need to do anything for the GUID-field.

Congrats! You've now set up the LTI integration between Exceed and Peergrade.

Admins can now add Peergrade to Activities.

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