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How to import students from a file
How to import students from a file

Can I import students to my class from a file?

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If you want to import students to your class and have a list stored in a spreadsheet you can import it into Peergrade. 

  1. Go to your class go to the Participants page, 

  2. Click on Invite participants and click Invite students

  3. Now select File import in the top navigation bar. 

  4. You will see an upload bar where you can drag & drop a file onto. The file format has to be .csv and needs to be formatted like so:

Firstname Lastname,[email protected]
Firstname Lastname,[email protected]
Firstname Lastname,[email protected]

How to generate a .csv file

Most spreadsheet tools like Excel and Google Sheets can export to the .csv  file format. You will need to format your spreadsheet correctly in order for the file import to work. In column A you need to include the full name (Firstname Lastname). In column B you need to include the email of the student. Below is an example of a properly formatted Google Spreadsheet.


Make sure to save your csv file with UTF-8 encoding. If the csv file has a different encoding we will try our best to convert it to UTF-8, but that might not work.

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