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Inviting teachers to an Institution
Inviting teachers to an Institution

Learn how to invite teachers to your institution page

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There are 2 ways to have teachers join the institution on Peergrade. 

  1. Email Domains: 

By linking your insititutions unique email domain to Peergrade, any user that signs up with that email domain will automatically be invited to join the institution.

To set up email domains go to your institution page then click on the 'settings' tab. On the left side is a small menu, click email domains invites. Check the box to enable email domain invitations and click save at the bottom. 

2. Email Invites

Teachers can also be invited by email by uploading a .csv file or typing them directly into Peergrade.

To invite by email go to the institutions page and on the main page (participants tab) on the left side is a blue button 'Invite Teachers'. This will open up both options of email invites.  

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