Setting up a Sakai integration

This article helps IT personnel set up the integration between Peergrade and Sakai

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Step 1: Add LTI tool to Sakai

From within a course that you would like to add Peergrade to go to Site Info in the left panel, then go to the Manage Tools.

From the checklist items make sure to check External Tools then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

On the following page you will be given the option to change the title of the tool to something other than External Tool. We recommend renaming it to Peergrade then click Continue

You will then be presented with a confirmation page. Once you have checked that the details are correct click Finish.

On the left panel you should now see Peergrade (this may be different if you renamed the external tool to something else)

After clicking Peergrade it will tell you that "This tool has not yet been configured". To configure the tool click the pencil icon in the top left of the page.

Step 2: Create External Learning Tool Link

After completing Step 1 and clicking the edit button shown above. Set Remote Tool URL to and set the Remote Tool Key and the Remote Tool Secret which were provided to you.

Underneath the title Releasing Roster Information select both Send Names to the External Tool and Send Email Addresses to the External Tool.

Leave the checkbox "Open in new window" unchecked.

You do not need to add any Custom Parameters.

Click "Update options".

Teachers and students should now be able to access Peergrade from the left sidebar from within a course.

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