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What happens to my classes when going to a lower plan?
What happens to my classes when going to a lower plan?

Some features get disabled when going to a lower plan. Read more about how that will affect your classes.

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When downgrading to a smaller plan on Peergrade you might lose access to different features such as group submissions, anonymity settings, categories etc.

Generally we will downgrade your account in a graceful way that does not disrupt your classes. Below we will describe how the downgrade will work when losing specific features.

Group submissions

Students will not be able to submit in groups any longer. You will not be able to enable group submissions. Submissions that have already been submitted in groups will stay this way.


Students will not be allocated self-reviews any longer. You can't enable self-evaluations any longer. Self-reviews that have been allocated will stay.


Students will not be able to choose categories any longer. You can't edit / enable categories. Students that have submitted in a category will stay in that category. Reviews allocated after categories is disabled can't be guaranteed to be within / outside of the categories.


If you had disabled anonymity (making students able to see names) they will now be hidden.


Your weights will not be removed, but they will be ignored when calculating scores.

LMS integration

The integration will stop working. Teachers and students that try to access Peergrade through an integration will be met with a screen telling them that this is not possible.

Allow non-submitters to review

Students will not be able to review without submitting any longer. Reviews that have already been made will not disappear. You will not be able to enable this feature any longer.

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