When you upgrade your account we will calculate a charge. This article tries to explain how this price is calculated. We have tried to make the pricing model as fair as possible.

The price is calculated in the following way:

  1. We determine what the cost of your new plan will be. For example 50 students on a Basic plan is 50 x $2 / year = $100 / year.

  2. We determine any discounts, for example if you have remaining time on your trial, if you have previously downgraded or if you are upgrading from an existing paid plan.

  3. We subtract the discount from the cost of your new plan to determine the final price.

Below we will describe different scenarios where you might have discounts available to your cost.

Example 1: You have time left on your trial

Alice is currently on a trial of Peergrade Pro. She has 1 month left on this trial, and is now interested in upgrading to 1 year of Peergrade Basic with 100 students.

The cost of the new plan is 100 x $2 / year = $200 / year. Since Alice has 1 month left of her trial we subtract 1/12th of the price of the new plan making the final cost of the upgrade $183,33.

For the next month Alice will remain on her trial of Peergrade Pro (because the Pro trial gives her more features than the Basic plan she subscribes to) and then she will be moved to the Basic plan.

Example 2: Upgrading from Basic to Pro

Bob currently has Basic with 50 students. He paid 50 x $2 / year = $100 / year for this plan 3 months ago. Now Bob wants to upgrade to Peergrade Pro.

Since Bob is only upgrading his plan for the remaining 9 months (of 12), the cost of the new plan is 50 x $5 / year x (9 / 12) = $187.50 / year.

Since Bob has 9 months left of his Basic plan we will subtract (9 / 12) x $100 = $75 / year from the cost of the new plan.

Consequently the total comes out as $187.50 - $75 = $112.50 for the upgrade. In 9 months Bob's plan will renew at 50 x $5 / year = $250 / year.

Example 3: Going from Pro to Basic but increasing the number of students

Charlotte has Pro with 50 students ($250 / year). She has used 6 months of her plan already. Now she wants to switch to Basic with 200 students.

Since she has just 6 months left of her plan, the cost of 200 Basic students is (6 / 12) x 200 x $2 / year = $200 / year.

She has 6 months of her 50 student Pro plan left, worth (6 / 12) x 50 x $5 / year = $125.

The total charge made now will be $200 - $125 = $75. In 6 months, Charlotte's plan will renew to $200 / year for 200 Basic students.

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