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How do institutions pay for Peergrade?

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For institutional licenses, we have a Pro Institution and an Campus Institution.

Basic Institution ($2 / active student / year) gives all teachers a Basic instructor account, and will additionally give access to:

  • Institution-wide data export

  • Private rubric library for teachers to share feedback rubrics

Pro Institution ($5 / student / year) gives all teachers a Pro instructor account, and give access to institution-wide data export and private rubric library for teachers to share feedback rubrics. This license includes an integration to a supported LMS (Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, etc).

Campus License ($5 / student / year,  discounts available). It is similar to a Pro institution but also includes:

  • Possibility for invoicing (instead of credit card only)

  • Lecturer on-boarding seminar

  • Dedicated support

  • Possibility for custom data processing agreements / contracts

When purchasing a Campus License for a large number of students, contact us to discuss a custom pricing plan that makes sense for your institution. To qualify for a Campus plan you need to have a certain volume (number of students).

Why buy an institutional license instead of instructor licenses

The reasons for buying institutional licenses over normal instructor accounts are:

  • You get access to institution-only features listed above.

  • If multiple teachers share the same student the institution will only be charged for the student once instead of charging each teacher for the same active student.

  • It will be simpler to keep track of expenses.

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