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How the Pro plan works in Peergrade

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Peergrade offers a Pro plan based on a sliding scale of the number of active students you expect in your institution.

The Pro plan has a per active student price of $5 / year (what is an active student?).

Plans are purchased on a sliding scale. You can purchase a plan starting at 30 licenses, followed by 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and so on. It's not possible to purchase a plan for an exact amount (i.e. 62 licenses), so you'll want to select the option that best suits your needs (i.e. you can choose the 75 license plan if you have 62 students).


The features of the Pro plan include:

  • Unlimited classes and assignments.

  • Group submission: Allow students to submit their work in groups.

  • Self-evaluation: Require students to assess their own work.

  • Disable anonymity: This will allow you to turn off anonymous submissions.

  • Allowing non-submitters to review: Under normal circumstances, only students that submit work are allowed to review their peers. This will allow you to set Peergrade up in a way where everyone can review, even if they didn't submit an assignment.

  • Assignment and Question weights: Specify weights on each rubric question and on each assignment for making different parts of your course count different towards the final scores.

  • Categories and Reverse Categories: With categories and reverse categories you can set up specific groups for the assignment. You can then specify that students are only able to review students within (or outside of) their own group.

  • LMS Integration: With an LMS integration you can integrate Peergrade with Learning Management Systems / Virtual Learning Environments like Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle and others.

  • Submissions are available up to 2GB.

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