Brightspace LTI integration
A guide for lecturers, teachers and educators on how to use the Peergrade LTI integration with Brightspace
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Adding a Peergrade assignment to Brightspace course

This guide explains how to add a Peergrade assignment to a Brightspace course from inside Brightspace.
This assumes that an integration has already been set up between Brightspace and Peergrade by your IT administrator.

First – some basics: A course in Brightspace is called a class in Peergrade, and activities in Brightspace are called assignments in Peergrade.

Go to your course in Brightspace, and go to the Content section.
Choose a module (or add one if you don't have one in the course yet), and then click Add Existing Activities

Under Add Existing Activities choose External Learning Tools

In the modal window that pops up find Peergrade in the list and click it (the exact name depends on the name chosen by your IT administrator)

An activity called Peergrade should now have been added to your module as in the screen below

You can rename the activity to whatever you like e.g. "Assignment 1" or "Peergrade assignment #1".

When you click the newly created activity, you'll go to a new page asking you to create a class. The class will match the Brightspace course and will contain any Peergrade activities you create in the Brightspace course. This screen only appears for the first Peergrade activity in course. When creating the second and third (and so on) Peergrade activity in a Brightspace course, this screen won't appear as you've already created the class, and you'll go directly to the 

After this you'll be shown a small box saying "Assignment information"

Here you should type in the name of the activity, preferably it should match the name of activity in Brightspace, e.g. "Peergrade assignment #1".

Lastly, you'll be taken to the "Create new assignment"-flow:

These are three steps that you go through to create an assignment in Peergrade. You can see more on those three steps here: Creating an assignment

After going through the three steps, you're all set!

Whenever you click the Peergrade activity in Brightspace you'll go to the Assignment overview for teachers. You can learn more about that here: Assignment

Students clicking the Peergrade activity will go to the student's view of the assignment and will be able submit, review, and react on the assignment as according to the deadlines and settings of the assignment.

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