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What is an active student?
What is an active student?

Information about how active students are counted in Peergrade

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All paid plans for Peergrade are purchased based on how many active students the plan needs to cover. This articles defines how active students are counted in Peergrade.


An active student is a student that is a part of a class that is not archived. If the class is archived the students will no longer be considered active students. Students in an archived class can still see all their feedback, but cannot interact with it. An archived class is read-only for students. If a student in a class is deactivated they will also no longer be counted as an active student on your account.

Please note: students with the status 'not enrolled yet' will be counted towards the amount of active students in your account.

Active students for instructor plans

Active students are only counted in classes that you have created and own. That means if you are joining a class created by another teacher, for example as a teaching assistant, it will not impact your number of active students.

Active students for institution plans

Active students are counted for all teachers that are enrolled in the institution in classes that teachers have created and own. Students are only counted once, even if they are enrolled in multiple classes.

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