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How to view student feedback
How to view student feedback

How to find the feedback your students have given and received

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To view feedback there are 2 options.

Viewing the feedback an individual submission has received: 

  1. Click on the assignment.

  2. Go to the Results tab. The page automatically opens up to the submissions. 

  3. Scroll through the students name or use the search bar to find the student submission you'd like to view the feedback for and click on their name. 

  4. The feedback to their submission will be shown on the right side of the screen.

Viewing the feedback an individual student has given:

  1. Go to the Results tab in the assignment. 

  2. Click on Reviewers and select the student you would like to view. 

  3. All the feedback that student has given will be displayed on right side.

To export all student feedback go to the Class Settings page and scroll down to exports.

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