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How to see and react to your feedback
How to see and react to your feedback

How do I see my feedback? With Video

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When peer grading has ended, you can view your feedback. 

To view your feedback, click React at the top of your assignment page. A new page will open with your feedback on the left and a feedback reaction rubric on the right.

While giving feedback you have 3 options: 

Like Feedback – You can mark any text feedback as helpful, which will send a notification to that peer, it’s peer grading karma. Teachers will also be able to see what feedback has been marked as helpful and who created the helpful feedback. 

Comment on Feedback- Clicking on 'comment' will open up a text box. This will allow you to ask your peer a question to clarify their feedback or leave a message letting them know how helpful the feedback was.

Flag – Flagging allows you to mark any piece of feedback that you disagree with or find incorrect and send it to your teacher for review. Learn more about how flagging works here.

Finally, you will give a reaction as you read through your feedback. Your feedback will be located on the left and can react on the right.

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