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How do I submit my work to Peergrade?

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Submitting for an assignment in a class

  1. From your overview, click on your class.

  2. If your assignment is open for submission it will be shown up top under 'Up Next'. Click on submit.

  3. Fill out the submission form and select your submission format. Depending on what your teacher has allowed you can choose between File, Google Drive, Link and Text. Read more about how to submit a specific format below.

  4. Once you have filled out the form and added your submission click submit.

  5. After you submit you'll get a preview of your submission to verify that you submitted the correct thing.

Submission formats

Not all formats may be available to you, your teacher will determine which file format is accepted.

File – To upload a file, click File. The accepted file types will be listed within the blue upload file box. Drag and drop your file or click on the upload bar to select your submission. Check to make sure you upload the correct file. The progress bar will turn green when the file has been successfully uploaded and the file name will be displayed.

Link submission – Click Link and copy the url of your link and paste into the text field.

Google Drive – Click  Google Drive. A popup will allow you to select your file. Select the correct one and upload.

Text – Click Text and fill out write your submission in the editor. You can use various formatting by using the toolbar above the text field. The text will auto-save so you can come back to your submission later if you choose not to submit it.

Video - Click Video and accept the permissions to allow video and audio recording. When you are ready to record click the red record button. If you need to rerecord click record again, this will delete the existing video.

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