If you are using peergrade to evaluate the performance of your students based on our submission-, feedback-, and combined scores we suggest enabling performance scores for students to secure full transparency by letting students see how they are doing.

Performance scores for students

The submission score is a weighted average based on the feedback a student has received on their submission. Read more about it here.

The feedback score is a weighted average based on how well the student has provided feedback for their peers. Read more about it here.

The combined score is a weighted average between the submission– and feedback-score. Read more about it here.

The scores will be shown on the student's class overview at the bottom of the page if it has been enabled by the teacher. When the performance card is expanded the student will see their overall submission-, feedback-, and combined score for the class and a break-down for each of their assignments. The grey label after the submission and feedback score inside the top boxes indicates the weighing of submission and feedback scores on a class level. It is currently not possible for students to see the individual weights between assignments. If you want to know more you can read about weights here.

How to enable performance scores for students

To enable students to see their scores on a class level go to your class, click Class Settings in the top menu, scroll down to Scoring, click the checkbox for 'Allow students to see their performance scores' and confirm your action.

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