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How to view results for the rubric
How to view results for the rubric
Explains the rubric results
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Under the Rubric tab on the Results page, you'll find information about each of the rubric questions.

To find information about rubric questions, you can open the sorting and attributes dropdown menu and enable your preferred attributes. You can sort attributes by clicking the arrow next to the attribute. Click once to sort it in one direction, click twice to reverse the sorting.

Avg. score

The average score is an average of all student responses to a scale or yes / no question. If all students received the highest score for this question the average score would be 100%.

Median words

The median number of words written of all student responses to a question. The median number of words are only available for text questions.


The number of unattended flags for each question.


Agreement is shown for Scale and Yes / No questions. It is either Low, Medium or High. The agreement for a question indicates how much students agree when answering this question for the same submission. For example, if students reviewing the same submission consistently disagree about Question 4, then Question 4 will have a Low agreement.

Questions with low agreement are typically questions that are either very subjective in nature, questions that are vaguely defined or questions relating to concepts that students don't have a good understanding of.

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