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How to view students reviewer scores
How to view students reviewer scores

Understanding the data on the reviewers tab

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View student reviewer scores by going to the assignment results page and clicking on Reviewers.

The left hand side is the list of Reviewers and the right will show the feedback they have given to other students.

Using the Sorting & Attributes button the following results can all be displayed:

To learn how to sort and find results read the article here.

Completeness Score: This is based on 2 things. Did the student give feedback to all the submissions they were assigned (75% of the score) and did they give reactions to all the feedback they have received (25% of the score).
Constructive Score:
The constructive score is based on the five-point feedback reaction scale. The score is averaged across the reactions from the students who have received feedback from John. 

Combined Score: The combined score of feedback score and submission score. Read more on combined score here.

Feedback Score:
The feedback score is a combination of accuracy, constructiveness, and completeness. Read more on how the feedback score here.

Flags: The number of flags the reviewer has received.
Average time the reviewer spent reviewing.
Words Written:
Number of words written by the reviewer.
Reactions Given:
Amount of reactions given.
Likes Received:
Number of likes received on the feedback given.
Reviews Done:
Number of reviews completed.

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