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How to view students submission results
How to view students submission results

Explains the data displayed on the submission tab

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Student submission results will appear under their name on the results page under the Submissions heading.

The left side displays the students name and the chosen data. The right side displays the reviews the selected student has received along with their scores.

Using the Sorting & Attributes button, the following data can be displayed for each student:

Submission Score: The submission score is an average from their reviewers. If you want to know more about submission scores, check out our article on submission scores.

Agreement: The level of agreement between student reviewers. For example, low agreement means that student A, B, and C all assessed the same peer with a different 'score'. 

Agreement is based on the mean of the standard deviation of each scoreable question across all reviews. <0.1 is high agreement, <0.2 is medium agreement, and >0.2 is low agreement.

Reviews: Indicates how many reviews were given/received.

Teacher Feedback: Indicates whether or not you have given feedback to the student as a teacher. 

Flags:  Indicates the number of times a student has flagged a piece of feedback. 

Problematic: Indicates if a submission has been marked problematic by a student. This usually means there was a technical issue accessing the submission.

Categories: If categories are enabled this will indicate which category the student submitted in.

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