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How the scoring algorithm works
How the scoring algorithm works

Explains some of the nitty-gritty about how we calculate scores

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By default, you'll be using our scoring algorithm "v2.2". You can choose which algorithm you use under Scoring Algorithm in the course settings

Scoring v2.2

Scoring v2.2 contains just one change from v2.1, namely a rather large change to the feedback score.

In Scoring v2.2 the feedback score only depends on the reactions, such that a student's feedback score on an assignment is simply an average of the reactions received. If no reactions have been given to the student's reviews, no feedback score is computed and it will simply show as "-".

Scoring v2.1

The overall scores we show for submissions and students is based on the feedback from students – but if you've given teacher feedback or edited a response (responded to a flag) we will take your answer or feedback as an override and use it as the score for that particular feedback question on the submission. This means that all student answers are ignored when scoring a question that you've provided an answer to – only your answer as a teacher counts.

Scores we show for questions and individual feedbacks is based solely on feedback from students – edited responses (flags) and teacher feedback are not part of the scores we show for questions and individual feedbacks.

Changes from scoring v2.0 to v2.1

Weighting no longer "always enabled" – if your course is using scoring v2.1, you can go to the assignment settings and you'll see that you can turn on weighting. In the old scoring, v2.0 weighting was always enabled, with each section by default having a weight of 1. This meant that each section would count equally, no matter how few or many questions it had in it.

Teacher feedback and edited responses (flag) fully override scores from student feedback – in the old scoring v2.0, feedback given by you (the teacher) would count equally as much as the feedback given by students. In scoring v2.1 feedback given by you, will be taken as the "right" score for that question if you've edited a response (resolved a flag). And will be taken as the "right" score for the whole submission if you've given teacher feedback.

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