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How to import students and integrate with Google Classroom

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Our Google Classroom integration lets you import all your classes from your Google Classroom directory and post an announcement to your class that makes it easy for students to get access to Peergrade. Here's how it works:

  1. If you did not sign up to Peergrade with your Google account you need to connect your Google account to Peergrade by going to User Settings, scroll to the bottom and click Connect Google account.

  2. Go to the User Overview, click Create a Class and choose the option Import from Google.

  3. Select the class you would like to import from the drop-down and click Import course.

  4. After your class has been imported you will be asked if you would like to post announcement inside your Google Classroom class containing a link allowing students to join Peergrade.

  5. Students can now join by clicking the link from within Google Classroom or simply go to and log in with their Google credentials.

If you've already created a class:

  1. Go to the participants page.

  2. Click the blue Invite participants button.

  3. Select Share to Google Classroom

  4. Click post announcement to share the Peergrade link with your students.


Listed below are some common reasons why you could be experiencing issues importing classes from Google Classroom.

  1. Double check that you have connected Peergrade with the correct Google account. You can verify this by going to

  2. Reconnect: This can be done via the User Settings page ( by disconnecting and reconnecting to Google.

  3. Your institution admin has not provided you access to Google Classroom. Follow this Google guide for assistance.

  4. Your institution admin has prevented third party apps from accessing your institution's Google Classroom data. Follow this Google guide for assistance. 

Creating Google Classroom Course Invite Links

If you already created your course, or want to send invites that assure students follow Google Login / SSO, take your class code from the Course -> Participants page and use class code to create an invite URL.

The URL to invite to a course via Google's Login flow is:<course_code>, where <course_code>  is the course code on the participants page.

Assuming this course participants page:

The course code would be: GVX9GZ

An invite URL can be shared to the Google Classroom class like this:

Reminder: Only share your invite link to the students who should participate. Any student who clicks the link will be enrolled in the course.

A student, colleague or myself joined under a personal email, what can I do?

Users can update their account to use their school email address via User Settings (on the top right menu). They can then disconnect

If a student already has work in their account, they may prefer to update their current account to use their school email address instead of recreating a new one. If the email is taken, contact support for help.

If two accounts exist and you would like them merged, contact support (via the Chat Icon on the bottom right of this screen)

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