A glossary of terms used in Peergrade

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Below are some common terms you will see around Peergrade.

The work that you are assigning to students

Archive: When a class is no longer active

Class Code: A 6 digit code that allows students to join a class 

Evaluation Criteria: The content and criteria within the rubric

Flags: Students can flag a piece of feedback they disagree with or want the teacher to take a look at. 

Feedback Reactions: Students evaluate the feedback they have received

Homework Sessions: Assignments that have longer deadlines.  

Like: When students like an individual piece of feedback

Live Sessions: Assignments that can be done in class.

Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Students that are in the class

Rubric: Rubrics are a way to scaffold the feedback process by giving students questions and criteria to focus on. 

Submission: Student work that is submitted to Peergrade.

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