You can change settings of an assignment by clicking the assignment in the sidebar and go to the settings tab. The settings tab is divided into sub-categories available from the sidebar.

Under Details you are able to change the title and assignment description, and attach a file. This information and file will be shown to students and should provide them with the necessary information for them to complete the assignment.

Under Submissions you are able to specify the format students are allowed to submit through. You have the option to allow students to submit a file, a link, through their Google Drive or by typing in their submission in our text editor. If File has been selected, you are able to specify what particular file types should be allowed.

Under Feedback you are able to change settings for how many submissions each student should review and set additional options for students to only be able to see their feedback if they have completed giving feedback themselves and for self-evaluation. If groups are enabled on the assignment there will be additional settings available if self-evaluation is enabled.

Under Groups you can allow students to submit in a group and specify the max. number of students in each group.

Under Categories you can create categories that students will have to submit their work to. You can then specify if students in a specific category will or will not give feedback to each other.

Under Rubric you can enable students to see a preview of the rubric before they are able to give feedback and you can enable weights. Read more about weight here.

Under Advanced you can change who is allowed to give feedback, settings for anonymity and flags.

Delete assignment
If you wish to delete your assignment you should click the 'delete assignment' link and confirm your action.

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