Once inside your class, click on Participants, on this page you can add participants, including students, teachers and teaching assistants.

There a few options for adding participants:

  • Share the class code at the top of the page. Students join by entering the code at peergrade.io/join. Students can use an existing account or signup after entering the code. Learn more here.
  • Add students and teachers one by one, by clicking on Invite participants.
  • Bulk import students using a .csv file by clicking on Invite participants then selecting the File import tab. The .csv file must be formatted correctly: Firstname Lastname, email@email.com. Learn more here.
  • Copy & Paste a list by clicking on Invite participants and then click on Copy & Paste. Copy and paste a list of students using the correct format into the box. Each line should read Firstname Lastname, email@email.com

Sending Invites:

When inviting students you can choose to send email invitations now or later. To send email invitations later - click on the 3 dots next a students name and click send invite.

Students must receive an email to access the course. 

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