The summary page will only start to display information after the first assignment has been completed and peer grading has closed.

Summary of All Students

At the top of the page is a summary of performance of all students across all assignments for the course.

The graph gives an overview of all the assignments, on the horizontal axis are the assignments and the vertical assignment lists percentages. Hovering your cursor over one portion of the graph will show details of the assignment, including median and percentiles.

To the right of the graph is a sidebar that breaks down:

Helpful feedback: The number of times a student marked feedback as helpful

Unresolved Flags: The pieces of feedback students marked for moderation that have not been resolved.

Hand-ins: The number of hand-ins turned in.

Peer evaluations: The number of peer evaluations completed versus the expected number.

Assignment performance of all students: 

Below this graph there will be a graph for each individual assignment.

Graph: The graph has the number of students on the side and percentages running along the bottom. Hovering your cursor over a portion of the graph will give details of the number of students performing withing percentage ranges.

Flags: If any flags are still existing they will be listed here.

Agreement: High agreement means that if 3 students peer graded one assignment, there was a high level of consistency between their feedback, for example, all 3 peer graders selected “meets expectation”. This is taken into account for the entire assignment.

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