From the settings page you can change basic setting of the course including:

Course Name: Change or edit the course name by clicking on the grey pencil, click save changes when finished.

Archive: When a course has finished you can archive it, this means the course will become inactive and students will no longer be able to flag or like any feedback. However, they will still be able to view their feedback and hand-ins.

Email Settings: You can select what email notifications you and your students receive during the course. By default all the boxes are selected, if you do not want to receive an email then deselect the box.

Assignment Weights: You are able to weigh assignments according to their importance. Learn more about weights here. To change assignment weights, click 'change weights' and adjust the weights with the arrows.

Find out how to weigh each question in an assignment here.

Combined Score Settings: The combined score is a combination of the overall hand-in performance and overall feedback performance of a student. 

Export Data: Here you can select what data you would like to export from your class. To export all the data from your course, select 'export all data', otherwise choose which data you would like to export from the options below. Files are packaged as a single .zip file for the course.

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