The assignment page will give you all the details of the assignment and it will also allow you to edit the assignment. Get there by clicking on any assignment name in the sidebar. 

There are multiple tabs on the assignment page. 

The Overview tab is where you can view basic details of the assignment including dates, description, and settings. If you need to edit these details click on the small gray pencil to edit the details. You can also select the Settings tab to edit, this will look much like the page where you first created the assignment.

The Rubric tab includes two graphs to give you insight into peer grading, including time spent peer grading and overall performance. In the rubric tab you can also view the rubric as your students see it by clicking Preview as student. Or you can edit the rubric by clicking on Edit rubric.
You are able to edit rubrics during the hand-in period but once peer grading opens you will no longer be able to edit the rubric. 

The Hand-in tab lists all the students that have handed in their assignment and their scores. From the list of students that have submitted an assignment, you can find details about the hand-in and also download the hand-in.  By clicking the blue drop-down arrow next to a student's name, it will display the students that have given feedback to this hand-in. You can then view the feedback by clicking See Feedback. Students that did not hand-in are listed at the bottom, you can allow late hand in - either proactively or after the deadline has been reached. 

The Feedback tab displays details about the peer grading process. There is a list of students that have peer graded and for each student there are details about their quality of feedback. Clicking the blue drop down arrow will display the students that have received feedback from this student and shows their feedback score for each peer. Clicking See Feedback will display the feedback that this student has given.

The Flag tab displays the number of flags, both resolved and unresolved flags. Clicking on each flag will open up more information about the flag. To learn more about the flagging process read more here.

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