To read the feedback your peers have written for you click on the Received feedback button.

Once your received feedback page is open, there will be a sidebar that lists all of your peer graders. Clicking on any grader will open up their feedback.

As you are reading feedback there are a few options. In the upper right corner of each piece of feedback is a flag. Clicking this flag means you disagree with what your peer wrote and you want the teacher to moderate this piece of feedback. To learn more about how flagged feedback works read the flag section here.

In the bottom left corner of each piece of text feedback is a thumbs up. Clicking this will mark the feedback as helpful. It alerts both your teacher and your peer that you found that particular piece of feedback helpful.

When you scroll to the very bottom of the feedback page you will leave feedback reaction. Giving feedback to the feedback helps ensure that every peer is getting satisfactory and helpful feedback.

First, give the feedback an overall score by choosing an option in the drop down menu.
Next, you can click on the boxes for the areas you think need improvement (click as many or as few needed).
Finally, you can leave any additional comments that will help your peer give better feedback next time.

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