To get to the hand-in page, you will need to find the assignment you want to hand-in for on the assignment page.

The green 'hand-in' button will only be active during the time your teacher has designated as the hand-in phase. Clicking the 'hand-in' button will bring you to the hand-in interface.

The name of you assignment will be at the top of the page.

To upload a link: Copy and past the link in the grey text box then click 'submit hand-in'.

To upload a file: Drag and drop the file into the blue box or click add file then click 'submit hand-in'.

After clicking 'submit hand-in', a success message will appear:

Changing a hand-in: 

After a hand-in is uploaded, the 'hand-in' button will become the 'change hand-in' button.  Click here to open up the upload interface.

You may change your hand-in as long as the hand-in phase is still open.

Link: You will have to delete your current hand-in. Once it is deleted you will be brought back to your assignment page where you can select to 'upload hand-in'. 

File: You can either delete the hand-in and start over. Or you can click 'remove file' under the file name. This removes the file and you can now upload a new one.

View hand-in: 

If you would like to view your hand-in before the hand-in time has closed, click on 'change hand-in'. From here you can view your hand in.

Group Hand-ins:

Only one person needs to hand in for the group! Groups members will be notified by email when the hand-in is submitted. 

If the hand-in is changed or group members are removed, they will be notified as well. Similarly, if students are added to the group of a submitted hand-in, they will be notified by email.

Late hand-in:

Only your teacher can allow a late hand-in. 

For groups a teacher only has to allow one member of a group to hand-in late, and they will still be allowed to add all members of their group to the hand in.

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