To give feedback, start by logging in to your Peergrade account then clicking on Give Feedback. Giving feedback will only be allowed during the time the teacher has chosen. The Give feedback button also gives you a sneak peek at how many peers you will need to give feedback to.

Before giving feedback, you need to read your peer’s assignment. Clicking the blue Download hand-in button will open the peer’s assignment. The file will automatically download or if it's a link a new window will open. If there is a problem with the link or file click the red warning button, read about how to deal with it here.

The sidebar will follow your progress as you give feedback to your peers. At the top is a list of the peers you need to give feedback to and below is an overview of the feedback form you are currently on.

There is a green check mark next to each peer you have completed feedback for. You must fill out all fields and click submit before you can move on to the next peer. If you don't have time to fill out all the feedback, click save draft, this will save a draft and take you back to the assignment overview.

You can come back to edit your feedback, as long as the peer grading phase is still open.

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