Flagging allows a student to mark a particular piece of feedback that they disagree with or find incorrect. After clicking Flag feedback, a dialogue box will appear where the student must explain why they think the feedback is wrong or unfair.

The teacher will be alerted that a piece of feedback has been flagged and is then able to review the flagged feedback and make a final decision on what evaluation to give.

The student whose feedback was flagged will not get notified, but they will be able to see that their feedback got flagged and why if they navigate to the particular piece of feedback.

To find the flags for an assignment, go to the assignment page and then click on the flags tab. This will display a list of all flags.

When resolving a flag from a student there are two options:

  • No, the original answer is correct, ignore the flag: This means that the original feedback given (the feedback which was flagged by the receiver) was actually correct. In this case, you will ignore the flag and accept the original feedback/evaluation given.
  • Yes, this answer was correctly flagged: This means that the original evaluation was incorrect and that the flag was correct. In this case you overwrite the original evaluation with your own evaluation.
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