Step 1: Set up non-LTI integration

If you want to be able to import groups and groupings from Moodle you must first set up the non-LTI integration for Moodle. You can do that by following our guide here.

Step 2: Set up LTI integration

The first step is to go to the Site administration, then Plugins, then Activity modules, and External tool, and lastly Manage tools.
On the Manage tools page you should choose configure a tool manually.

Now you can set up the Peergrade LTI integration:
The Tool name should be "Peergrade"
The Tool URL should be
The Tool description should be "A tool for creating peer feedback and peer grading assignments"
The Consumer key and Shared secret should be given to you be Peergrade. (Send a mail to or use the chat in the lower right corner to request the consumer key and shared secret)
Custom parameters should be left empty
For Tool configuration usage you should select "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool"
The Default launch container should be "Embed" (not "Embed, without blocks")

Then click the Show more... link. After this the Icon URL and Secure icon URL fields will appear.
Content-Item Message should be left unchecked
The Icon URL should be
The Secure icon URL should be

The Privacy and Miscellaneous sections can be left as-is.

Now you should be good to go!

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