When your school has been set up with the Canvas LTI integration you can use Peergrade in your Canvas courses and assignments by following the guide below.

Note: After having created a Canvas assignment that is linked with Peergrade, every time you update the title or the deadlines in Peergrade, the title and "due date" in Canvas will update. If you update the assignment in Canvas, the assignment in Peergrade will not update. (For specific info on deadlines see the bottom of this page)

Setting up a course

Go to the course where you want to use Peergrade.
Click the Connect to Peergrade in the sidebar on the left.
Here you'll be asked to create a course – this is the course on Peergrade, that will be running in parallel with your course in Canvas. When you've clicked Create new course, you should get the message

"This course is now connected to the course Your course name on Peergrade."

That means you're good to go!

Note; You only have to do this once for any course where you want to Peergrade.

Setting up an assignment

When you've set up the course as described above, you can go and create a new assignment in Canvas. To set up the assignment to use Peergrade, you select External Tool in the Submission type-dropdown when creating the assignment

Then click the Find-button next to URL field

A window should pop up with the external tools available to you. If your school has set up the Canvas LTI integration (for Peergrade) the should be a link called Create assignment on Peergrade

Click it. And you'll be asked to give a name to the Peergrade assignment.
Now the assignment is set up to use Peergrade!
Now when you 

When you go to the assignment the first time in Canvas you'll be asked to set it up. This is the normal Peergrade assignment setup (guide).
Going to the assignment at any later time will give you the normal assignment overview (guide).


When you update the assignment in Peergrade we will try to update the title and due date of the assignment in Canvas. If the next deadline is the hand-in closes deadline, we will set the due date of the Canvas assignment to be the hand-in closing time and date.
If the next deadline is the peer grading closes deadline, we will set the due date of the Canvas assignment to be the peer grading closes time and date.

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