If you have already made an assignment in a course and you want to reuse that assignment either in the same course or in a new course then you can duplicate it.

  1. Navigate to the course where you want to create the new copy of the assignment.
  2. Click "Create assignment" in the sidebar
  3. Choose "Duplicate previous assignment" in the top of the "Create new assignment" flow.
  4. Select which assignment to duplicate / copy
  5. Give the copy a new title
  6. Select whether or not to copy deadlines

In the top of the create assignment flow, you can click "DUPLICATE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT":

Select which assignment to copy, what the new title should be and whether you want to copy the deadlines

What will be copied:

  • Assignment description
  • All settings
  • Deadlines (if you select that they should be copied)
  • Rubric

What is not copied:

  • Assignment title
  • Submissions / hand-ins
  • Feedback
  • Flags
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