The categories feature is a way to control how reviewers are allocated to submissions. You can enable Categories and Reverse Categories under "Categories" on the settings page for an assignment.

To use Categories and Reverse categories you should:

  1. Specify a number of categories (at least 2).
  2. Specify if reviewers are allocated to submission within or outside of their own category.

If Categories are enabled then students are asked to choose which category they submit into when they submit their work. Then depending on the setup, students will either only be allocated to submissions in their own category or to submissions outside of their own category.

What happens if there is too few submissions in a category?

Imagine the case where a student is asked to review 3 submissions from their own category, and there is only 2 submissions in total in their category. In this case the student will not be allocated 3 submissions to ensure that the category-rule is satisfied.

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