Starting a new Live Session 

  • Click on Create Live Session (see below)
  • A Class Code will appear when you have created a Live Session. Share this code and the URL with your students.
  • On the teacher assignment overview, you'll be able to watch students progress throughout the whole process. 
  • You’ll see student names appear as they join the class. When students have submitted their work they will move from the Joined box to the Giving Feedback box. 

Moving Students

  • If at any time you need to move an individual student forward click on the the three dots next to the students name and click Move forward.
  • If at any time you need the entire class to move on to the next step, click “Move all to next step”. This will push all remaining students in the current box to the next step


  • .When you start a live session there is already a rubric with 2 questions. 
  • To edit & change the rubric, click on the rubric tab.
  • The rubric will be locked once students start giving feedback.


  • Under the settings tab you can edit the name of the Live Session, file types, the description, and how many peers students have to evaluate.
  • Under the results tab you can view student results by rubric question, by reviewer or by the submission.  

To learn what it looks like for students in a Live Session, read Running your first Live Session.

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