After the peer grading phase has closed you can review the results, including:

  • Overall student performance
  • Individual student performance overall
  • Individual student performance for the hand-in
  • Individual student performance for feedback

On the summary page there is an overview of student performance on all assignments and then each assignment has it's own graph breaking down students performance

By clicking on the name of the assignment in the sidebar you will get more information about student performance. The overview tab gives you just that, an overview of student performance. To get more details click through the tabs, the rubric tab shows student performance for each question in the rubric. This helps to understand which questions were difficult or hard to understand.

The hand-ins tab displays the individual scores of each student that handed in an assignment. While the feedback tab displays the individual score of each students feedback, including their accuracy, completeness and constructiveness of giving feedback to their peers.

To learn more about scores and grading visit the Interfaces and Features section of the help center. 

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