Step 1 – To create a new assignment, click on the button Create New Assignment at the bottom of the sidebar. 

Step 2 – After filling in the title of the assignment, you can choose to write a description of the assignment or upload a PDF.

Step 3 – Next, there are options for what type of hand-in your students can upload. Students can upload any file type (check the box to allow students to upload any file type) or you can limit what files students upload by checking the boxes you want the students to upload. ( .pdf, .ipynb, .doc/.docx). You can also allow students to hand in a link, such as Youtube or Vimeo. The last option is for Google Docs, selecting this will allow students to upload any file from their Google Drive. 

Step 4 – Next, there are options to allow for group hand-ins and you will choose what students will conduct peer grading: Only students that have handed in the assignment OR all students.

Step 5- Click Next to begin creating your evaluation rubric for peer grading. After creating your rubric and setting dates you will be finished creating your assignment. 

Watch the video above for a more detailed explanation of how to set up an assignment and evaluation rubric. 

To learn more about the other options and advanced settings for creating an assignment, view the Interfaces and Features section of the help center.

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