When peer grading has ended, you will receive an email stating that your feedback is now available to view. To view your feedback, log back on to your Peergrade account and click on Received feedback from the assignments overview page.

Just like when you were giving feedback, there is a sidebar with the list of your 'graders'. Click on any 'grader' to bring up their feedback.

Feedback should be helpful and fair, that's why we ensure you can ask your teacher for moderation or let your peer know that they gave you helpful feedback.

Mark Feedback as Helpful – You can mark any text feedback as helpful, which will send a notification to that peer, it’s peer grading karma. Teachers will also be able to see what feedback has been marked as helpful and who created the helpful feedback. 

Evaluate Overall Feedback – At the bottom of the feedback page you can leave a review of the overall feedback. This lets your peer and teacher know how helpful and useful the overall feedback was.

Flagging Feedback – Flagging allows you to mark any piece of feedback that you disagree with or find incorrect. Learn more about how flagging works here.

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