After logging in, you will be brought to the assignment overview page, all your assignments will be listed. Active assignments will be listed first.

When the hand-in phase is open, it is time to upload your work and the upload button will become active, click here and a new page will open where you can upload your hand in.

Link submission – To submit a link, copy the link's url and paste into the text field then click Submit hand-in. If you are handing in a Google Doc it needs to be shareable, to learn how to make it shareable read more here.

Uploading a file – To upload a file, click on Upload file. Make sure to upload the correct file type, the accepted file types will be listed within the blue upload file box. Select the file from your computer and open it. The progress bar will turn green when the file has been successfully uploaded and the file name will be displayed. Click Submit hand-in.

Changing the hand in: After submitting a file or link, the green button will now say Change hand-in. You will be able to change the hand-in until the hand-in time closes. First select Remove file and then proceed to upload a new file.

Categories – If the teacher has created categories, select the category for the assignment. For example, if the assignment is written in English, then select the English category.

Group hand-in – If the you are handing in as a group, select the Group option and add team members from the list. The list is searchable to easily locate group members. Only one student hands in for the whole group.

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