To see feedback from a specific student there a two options.

Option 1:

Choose the assignment you would like to see by clicking on the Assignment title on the sidebar. This will bring you to the assignment overview page, then click on the Feedback tab. You will now see a list off all the students that received feedback. Scroll down and find the student that you would like to view, and click the blue drop down arrow. This will display the names of the students that received feedback from this student. Click on See Feedback.

Option 2:

Click on Summary on the sidebar, this will bring up the new student side bar. You can either search for the students name in the search bar or scroll and find the student's name, clicking on the student's name will open their student summary. Then click on the Feedback tab, this will bring up the data about the student's feedback performance. Below the graph is a list of all the assignments, by clicking on each assignment you will see an overview of the students feedback performance for that assignment. You can also see who received feedback from this student and also view the feedback by clicking See Feedback. 

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