The class overview page includes details about all aspects of your class. You'll find details about:

Active Assignments
This shows all of the assignments that are currently active. Active defined as when the hand in opens to when peer grading is closed.

Recent Activity
This displays recent activity such as students that have marked feedback for moderation or students that have handed in assignments.

This green bar shows how many students have accepted their invite and signed up for the class on Peergrade. If you need to re-send an invite go to the participants page.

Flags & Helpful Feedback
This gives an overview of the all the feedback marked as helpful for the class, as well as all the unattended flags for the entire class.

Class Data
This section gives a quick overview of data about your class including how many questions have been answered, how many words have been written and most importantly how many Moby Dicks that equals.

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