By default, peer evaluations are anonymous in Peergrade. This means that:

  • A student does not know who handed in the work they are evaluating
  • A student does not know who evaluated their work

For teachers, the students are not anonymous when using the teacher interface.

Ensuring anonymity

If you want to ensure anonymity in your course, remember to tell students not to write their names in the work they hand in. Peergrade automatically removes metadata on the files that are handed in if they are PDF-files or DOCX-files (newer versions of Microsoft Word).

Changing anonymity settings

It is possible as a teacher to disable anonymity in a course by going to the Settings Page for the assignment. There are two settings that can be enabled for the course (they are disabled by default):

  • Allow students to see who they are peer evaluating
  • Allow students to see who they have received feedback from

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