Advanced settings can be found when creating the assignments by selecting 'see advanced settings'. These settings can also be accessed on the assignment page under Settings.

Allowed to peergrade: 

Under advanced settings you can select you is allowed to peer grade. We recommend that only students who have handed in an assignment are allowed to peer grade (this is pre-selected).

If you would like to change this and allow all students to peer grade, even if they have not handed in an assignment, select 'allow all students'.


Under anonymity you can choose to allow students to see who they are peer grading. And you can also allow students to see who they have received feedback from. If you would like for the entire process to remain anonymous then leave both boxes unmarked.


Under algorithms, you have the ability to keep the algorithms as averages only (pre-selected for you) or use our awesome Peergrade algorithm.


Categories will allow you to split the course into peer grading groups. For example, if some of your students have written the assignment in English and some in Danish, you can create a category for English and Danish. Students will select a category when they hand in the assignment, this will allow only students in the English category to peer grade other English assignments.

Clicking 'split assignment into categories will open up text boxes to create your categories. You have to create at least 2 categories, to add more categories click the blue bar 'add another category'. If you need to delete a category select the red trash bin.

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